8 Ways we Support Remote Learners

Here’s 8 ways you can use 3CX for remote learning:

  1. Create your Virtual Classroom
    Use 3CX Webinars to keep lessons on track and maintain face to face contact with pupils.
    When class is out, help students stay in touch by arranging virtual play and lunch dates.
  2. Let Students Take Center Stage
    Our presenter tool enables teachers to nominate speakers, so classes are interactive even if
    they are conducted remotely! Participants can also have video and audio enabled/disabled
    at any point, helping staff to stay in control.
  3. Record Classes
    Choose to record your classes for students to playback on-demand. It’s the perfect solution
    if students are unwell or need a revision aid before exams.
  4. Keep Engagement High
    Conduct class quizzes or check understanding with our inbuilt poll feature and
    accompanying report.
  5. Encourage Interaction
    Enable students to work collaboratively on group projects with team whiteboards.
  6. Arrange 1-2-1 meetings
    Parents’ evenings and office hours can go ahead as planned using Click2Meet for instant
    video conferencing.
  7. Utilize Instant Messaging
    Teachers can share files, graded work, lesson plans and the odd meme to keep spirits high!
  8. Connect using 3CX Live Chat and Talk
    It’s the easiest way for parents to get in touch and ask questions about schoolwork or tips on
    how to homeschool their children.
    To support communities in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, we made our 3CX PRO licenses
    free to schools and higher education establishments for one year! Set up your virtual school
    today and keep students on track, even if the school doors remain closed!

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